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  • Katherine Nanowksi

    I love Instant Mandarin. It is perfect for language learners that have a lot on the go. The 25 minute sessions are a great motivator to wake up a little earlier and get in your mandarin practice. The teachers are so fun, caring and experts in their consisent teaching method delivered through the platform. If ever I find myself free in the morning or evening, I know I can book a quick lesson and get any fantastic teacher knowing exactly what lesson I am working on. Thanks for this program that has transformed my mandarin practice!!!

  • Ken Fine

    InstantMandarin.com helped turn the disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic into the best thing ever for my son's Mandarin language ability. Instant Mandarin is the real deal. We've taken more than 350 Mandarin language lessons through Instant Mandarin over the last year, and have been so impressed with the focus, dedication, and professionalism of its teachers. 


    My son was enrolled in a 50/50 Mandarin Immersion program starting in the first grade. When COVID-19 shut down his school midway through second grade and left me homeschooling for a year and a half, I didn't know what to do at first. That's when I found InstantMandarin.com. Affordable with outstanding instructors, Instant Mandarin enabled us to have daily lessons in Mandarin speaking and Chinese character reading. My son's skills has blossomed with this daily exposure to enthusiastic, native Mandarin speakers. He can now converse freely and confidently using a wide variety of Mandarin vocabulary, as well as reading Chinese characters fluidly. 


    Now that COVID-19 is on the wane my son has rejoined a Mandarin Immersion school and is at the top of his class in his Mandarin speaking and reading. We are so appreciative for the contributions Instant Mandarin has made to my son's education, and we continue taking daily lessons to push his abilities further. I encourage other parents who are serious about raising bilingual children to give Instant Mandarin's lessons a try, every day if possible. Kids are smart, and tend to learn things that they do day after day. We are simply very happy customers. Thanks to all of Instant Mandarin's teaching staff for their persistence and dedication!

  • Neil Oxley

    When learning with Instant Mandarin, I know that I am in the hands of a company that cares about my progress and wants to offer a service that suits my needs as an individual. If you are like me and are always in a hurry, then online education is a great way to learn a new subject. Take out your laptop, plug in your headphones and start your class!

  • Christy Brown

    My two girls have been taking classes with Instant Mandarin for three months now and I am very happy with their progress their teachers are very well trained and patience. My 7yo is very active and likes to talk during the lesson the teacher is able to hold her attentions and taught her lots of vocabulary. My 11yo who learned Chinese for about a years loves her teacher who was able to get her to talk and express herself in Chinese for the whole 25 minutes. Sometime the teacher will give them homework and they both have no complaints and work on it when we don't have lessons. Instant Mandarin also offers so many wonderful programs for young learner such as YCT, Story and conversation. My two kids was looking forward to start the story program. If you would like to take your Chinese to the next level Instant Mandarin would be the way to go. 

  • Deborah Cramer

    My daughters and I love taking classes with Instant Mandarin! The teachers are wonderful - very friendly, encouraging, and patient. It is obvious that they have a lot of experience teaching Chinese online. They will speak only in Chinese if that is what you prefer, or they can explain things in English if needed. The customer service is excellent. The check in to make sure everything is OK, and if there is an issue, they respond promptly and solve the problem. We are extremely pleased with Instant Mandarin; we have learned so much in the past couple of months, and we look forward to continuing learning with IM!

  • Mary Rodriguez

    I am very happy and satisfied with the Mandarin classes through Instant Mandarin. The method adapts to my needs, if I want to learn faster or if I want to go slower, if the time is enough or if I want to increase the hours of learning. Also the teachers are very professional. I am very happy with the teachers because they have helped me understand and move faster with each lesson. I highly recommend this institution for all people from any continent.

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