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  • Standard Course

    Learn the main aspects of Chinese – speaking, listening, reading and characters – with more structured and rounded lessons. Great for both casual and serious learners. Most popular.

  • Young Learners

    Emphasising the learning requirements of young learners, we’ve developed a variety of fun and engaging courses for young learners. From standard courses, to storybook, vocabulary and conversational curriculums.

  • HSK Course

    An Online Chinese Course for those interested in taking the HSK exam, designed to maximize your chances of success. Learn and review HSK content. Featuring exam preparation.

  • Conversational

    Speak Chinese more fluently with our topical Chinese conversational course. Partake in discussion, speak and express yourself more in Chinese on a number of interesting topics.

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  • Neil Oxley

    When learning with Instant Mandarin, I know that I am in the hands of a company that cares about my progress and wants to offer a service that suits my needs as an individual. If you are like me and are always in a hurry, then online education is a great way to learn a new subject. Take out your laptop, plug in your headphones and start your class!

  • Ken Fine

    InstantMandarin.com helped turn the disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic into the best thing ever for my son's Mandarin language ability. Instant Mandarin is the real deal. We've taken more than 350 Mandarin language lessons through Instant Mandarin over the last year, and have been so impressed with the focus, dedication, and professionalism of its teachers.

  • Katherine Nanowski

    I love Instant Mandarin. It is perfect for language learners that have a lot on the go. The 25 minute sessions are a great motivator to wake up a little earlier and get in your mandarin practice. The teachers are so fun, caring and experts in their consisent teaching method delivered through the platform. If ever I find myself free in the morning or evening, I know I can book a quick lesson and get any fantastic teacher knowing exactly what lesson I am working on...

  • Mary Rodriguez

    I am very happy and satisfied with the Mandarin classes through Instant Mandarin. The method adapts to my needs, if I want to learn faster or if I want to go slower, if the time is enough or if I want to increase the hours of learning. Also the teachers are very professional. I am very happy with the teachers because they have helped me understand and move faster with each lesson. I highly recommend this institution for all people from any continent.

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    Certified native Chinese tutors with Masters' in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) or linguistic-related majors plus 2+ years of teaching experience. Rigorously trained to deliver courses to kids and adults.


    5 years and over a hundred thousand class hours under our belt with students across the globe. We’re always here to help.


    Structured and engaging courses and lessons delivered passionately with a student-centered approach that aims to get the best out of you. Learn at your own pace.


    Manage your own schedule with our convenient online booking system. Match your times to our tutors then book. Easy to use, easy to learn.


    Quality 1-to-1 online Chinese lessons at the lowest prices. One of the most affordable on the market. Making learning Chinese inclusive for all.

FangFang Guo

Specialty: Conversational Chinese, Chinese vocabulary, Young learners, HSK course

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Xiaoxiao Yang

Specialty: Standard Course; Travel; Conversational; Young learners

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Shan Yujing

Specially: Standard Course, Conversational Course, Young Learners, Beginner

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Tingting Yue

Specially: Standard Course, Conversational Chinese, Chinese vocabulary

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Liu Qian

Specialty: Conversational Chinese, Chinese vocabulary, Young learners, HSK course

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